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This a good news knowing most people now have access to mobile phones but let us now forget the old and those who do not have access. Thanks for sharing!

Amazing job. I have already subscribed and bookmarked.

Technologies has improved in everything even in the health sector. The problem is that the old people in our societies are not able to use these facilities. What happens to the poor people if i may ask. Money is also a big issue. Technologies depend mostly on electricity, some places are in the interior and with no network and power. How can this be solved?

Noble work Aventor


innovations in health helping many in remote areas. this is good use of real time and embedded systems

Well put, "giving back to the society" its my goals at the end of my career development . I want to put a smile on the face of that rural woman straggling to educate and place food on the table for her kids. I want to support them by showing them how to make money and not by giving them money. Conceiving ideas that we can implement with less inputs but great output.

wow. this is great... i like it

This world is never fair....poor people always suffer from everything

Smart phones that can do all this !!!! I need it here in Kenya ASAP

thank you for this information.


Congratulations. Amazing job. I have subscribed and bookmarked.

This sounds like a great innovation but how on earth is going to solve problems of poor people?

What a great service to have! Working in home health care, many of the issues you mentioned arose. It's very exciting to see the technology increasing to provide care. Telehealth is such a great concept!

Kristine Thiessen, BS

Well done.

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